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How Much Do Glasses Cost?

We Get It! Price Matters.

Price isn’t the only consideration to find the right prescription glasses for you, but it is pretty important. It often influences what kind of frame and the type of lenses you choose for your glasses.  

Our secret to exceptional eyewear is giving you options, with a wide range of high-quality frames and lenses to suit your look, lifestyle and budget.

So the aim of this article is to give you some guidelines on how much you can expect to spend on glasses at Albert Road Opticians.

We want to make sure you have the information and advice you need. Even if that means helping you find another provider or optician for glasses to suit your needs.

Frames Prices

At Albert Road Opticians, we specialise in frames handpicked from top independent eyewear designers across the world so you can find exceptional eyewear of the highest quality.

We have a wide range of frames so you have better options and choice for your style, face shape and size, comfort, lifestyle and budget. We don’t believe that one-size-fits-all when it comes to your eyewear!

Our frames start at £99, and from this budget we can help you find a unique, quality frame to match your needs and style. 

The majority of the frames in our collection are between £295 and £595. With this price in mind, you’ll have a wide choice of distinctive, handmade designs and styles.

If you’re after the most exclusive and luxurious eyewear in our collection, the investment in your frame will be higher.

Lenses Prices

We use premium lenses of the highest quality to perfectly correct your vision.

Our lenses all include the best coatings for anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-smear and UV protection. So you’re in safe hands when it comes to choosing first-rate lenses to optimise your vision, no matter what your specific requirements are.

As with our frames, one-size-does-not-fit all when it comes to lenses. That’s why we have a wide range to give you better choice. Our experienced team will work with you to help you choose the right lenses for your prescription, needs and budget. 

If you wear ‘single vision’ glasses, e.g. distance vision or near vision glasses, our lenses start at £180. From this price point, you can decide on the ideal grade and thickness single vision lenses for you, through to the best available (£490).

(We can also offer basic single vision lenses for £95.)

If you wear ‘varifocal’ glasses, our basic lenses start at £275. For state of the art varifocal lenses made using advanced technology, you can expect to spend from £450. From this price point, you can decide on the ideal grade and thickness varifocals for you, through to the best available (£800).

What Can I Expect To Pay For Complete Glasses?

Adding the cost of frames and lenses together, your investment in glasses will start from £279 if you wear single vision lenses or £374 if you wear varifocal lenses.

As a guide, most clients invest more like £550 to £650 in their glasses if they wear single vision lenses, or £850 to £995 if they wear varifocal lenses. This allows them to choose their perfect glasses without compromising on their style and needs. 

Plus, we also offer flexible payment plans and special member savings on eyewear to make choosing your perfect glasses as affordable and stress-free as possible (keep reading for more details about these).

We’re dedicated to giving you options, which means some clients choose to spend less, and some clients enjoy investing in their glasses and spend more.

So Does All This Mean Glasses Are Expensive?

Great question! Your glasses can have a big impact on your confidence, look and quality of life. There are a lot of boxes to tick so you can get the most out of your glasses. 

That’s why the honest answer is it depends on how much your glasses mean to you.

Will you be wearing your glasses every day, likely for years? Do your glasses go everywhere that you go, so they’re a big part of reflecting who you are? How do you want to look and feel in your glasses? Do you want the most comfortable possible vision in your daily life?

For many people who come to us for their first time, their investment in glasses is more than they’ve spent before. But they now have glasses they enjoy wearing and feel they are getting a lot more value for their money at Albert Road Opticians.

What Do You Mean By 'More Value'?

Our lenses are the highest quality and designed with advanced technology, to ensure that your vision is the clearest it can be.

We care about your eyesight and provide expert support and more detailed advice so you can select the right lenses to optimise your vision.

Our dedication to specially sourcing the best frames from top specialist and independent eyewear designers worldwide means that your frames will be unique and of the highest quality.

They’re designed with finesse and originality, and handmade from high-end materials. These are frames created in smaller quantities for individuality, comfort and long-lasting quality, so your glasses will be a worthy investment for years to come.

Plus we handpick frames in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes to perfectly suit your unique style and fit your face shape and features.

The frames in our range aren’t readily available in regular opticians or retailers, giving you better choice for glasses you’ll love to wear.

So the frames in our collection do cost more than the usual mass-produced “designer frames” you see everywhere (generic models made for multiple brands at the same factories, and mass-marketed to be worn by as many faces as possible).

All together, we help people find glasses that make them look, feel and see their best. Every week we serve people who previously went to chain and mainstream opticians, but now have glasses that meet all of their needs and requirements. So their investment makes a lot of sense!

Making Payments Easier With Our Flexible Payment Plans

To give our clients payment options for their eyewear, many also take advantage of our flexible payment plans so its as affordable and stress-free as possible to choose the perfect glasses for their needs and style. 

Our flexible payment plans let you spread the cost of your glasses, so you can find and enjoy your ideal glasses without comprise or delay. 

There are no additional costs, no credit checks and no approval processes. It’s just quick & easy to pay for your eyewear and avoid any fuss!

Savings With Our Exceptional Eyecare Plan

Our Exceptional Eyecare Plan also makes it easier to choose the ideal glasses you want for your needs and style – as well as get the proactive eyecare you need to keep your eyes healthy and vision clear for years to come.

For only £7 a month, our Plan covers your premium eye tests and advanced OCT scans every six months, plus any emergency appointments you need.

Best of all, joining our Plan means you’ll get exclusive savings on the eyewear you want to look, feel and see your best – including:

  • £75 off all your prescription eyewear (any pair, at any time), or
  • 40% off all additional lenses (a bigger saving for two or more pairs of glasses).

With a minimum of £75 off every pair of prescription glasses, at any time, joining our Exceptional Eyecare Plan might well make sense for you, given the incredible savings available for your ideal eyewear!

What If I Still Have Questions About New Glasses From Albert Road Opticians?

If you have any questions about glasses at Albert Road Opticians, we’ll be happy to help!

Whether you’re still unsure or need more information, just contact our friendly Albert Road Opticians team.

We provide personal eyewear consultations that are free, giving you access to one-on-one expert advice to take the guesswork out of your options for frames and lenses.

Take your time and feel at ease, with no pressure or obligation. We’ll never hurry when your decision-making! Our aim is to make sure you have the advice and information you need.

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I have been going to these opticians since the business started… They certainly provide an excellent service. I am impressed by the range of equipment used to explore one’s eyes in such detail and I appreciate the advice for looking after my eyes that I am given. The glasses are always excellent and the range of frames is amazing. The team there provide a very friendly and attentive service.

Pauline Bushnell
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Exceptional Eyecare,
A Personal Experience &
Glasses That You Love To Wear

glasses that match your unique style

a personal service & exceptional eyewear experience

proactive eyecare & precise prescriptions

flexible payment plans

double confidence guarantee

Exceptional Eyecare,
A Personal Experience &
Glasses That You Love To Wear

glasses that match your unique style
a personal service & exceptional eyewear experience
proactive eyecare & precise prescriptions
flexible payment plans
double confidence guarantee

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